Species swap? Species swap.

Sorry for inactivity. My muse is kinda dead right now.))

(( “i’m taking a brief break” more like “2+ week vacation because holy crap I haven’t drawn things for myself in forever”


anyway, I might post something some time soon but at the moment I just don’t feel like doing anything over here or on 151. Sorry umu ))


not feeling too rad and I need practice w/ meowmeows so…I drew some meowmeows

from left to right:

killingthewitness / askstraypokemon / My meowmeow

Hellooo, I’m taking a brief break from this side of tumblr so that I don’t get sick of drawing these guys. And on that note, I’m not doing Munday either! If you need me I’ll be over on my personal!))

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you guy have no idea

the instant I saw his lantern I WAS SO GLAD))

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"Well if you don't mind talking, ehm sorry for walking you up by the way. My friend heard of it and said it be nice outing and stuff. I always thought wishes were for fairy tails." she said sounding somewhat flat.

Sometimes wishing’s the only thing you’ve got left to believe in.